Monday, August 2, 2021

Taking with Cliff


As a man who respects the work of all person(s) in the spanking industry, whether they are new to the industry or just coming in the door. 

I like to talk to have a conversation with them to get permission to use their material. Yes, I know that it's not illegal to post our thoughts, but I like to dig a little deep on the spankee or the spanker model (s) 's thoughts on things as well. 

As viewers, followers or subscribers to these different productions or studios, all we see or want to see is a good spanking session with great dialog. But, sometimes, I wonder what or who is behind the person (s) we are watching. 

I am glad to say that I have spoken with a great deal of people and after talking with them, I have a better picture of who they really are. 

In this piece, I want to talk about the Legendary Cliff from Spanking Central. 


I reached out to Cliff a couple days ago, I actually did not know  if I would get a response, but then I checked my inbox and there he was. I would not call our conversation an interview, but just a conversation about his work. Later on, down the line I would love to have an exclusive with him.

I asked Cliff if it was okay if I used his material from his website and after a bit of privacy information and do's and don'ts, he was welcoming for me to post his material. 

Cliff began to tell me about ratings he received over the years, some good and some bad, but overall he is thrilled about the work he has done. 

I look back at the earlier of videos he had done, where he was the spankee, Some don't know that he started off being spanked and I must say that the videos that I seen was awesome. 

What I enjoyed about the video, other than seeing his nicely rounded, plump ass being spanked,  was that it was all real.

I enjoy reviewing films that show real domestic discipline. The sound of the belt, paddle, bath brush, hairbrush, razor strap and cane makes when the power behind it, and the connection is solid. 

Yeah, I hear a lot of people say that they think he was to rough when he became a spanker, but I disagree. 

Personally, that is the way it is supposed to be, when you are delivering and administrating a real butt whopping.  

This is where we come to a point of defining a spanking and a ass whopping, clearly there is a big difference. 

But, I will get into that in another article. 

During our short but educational conversation, I realized that Cliff is not at all as much as a bad person as people have stated. 

The scripts of the majority of the films I seen from his production, was great! I enjoyed the dialog, even though some where short but yet to the point. Then there were some that started off very exotic but ended with a sore butt boy. 

I think that most people should realize is that in many spanking productions, the actors  are not just beat and that's it. The spankings are done in sections. I know Cliff seemed to be brutal with his implements but, I see it differently as I stated prior. 

Cliff had a technic that was grand, He would aim the implement and make sure that the implement  hit in the direct area of the buttocks. He would make sure that the entire buttocks was struck, not just one specific area. 

Cliff's films were/are characterized on so many different levels in the " Spanking World". 

I am honored to have had the chance to speak to Cliff and I hope that I can speak with him again. 

I am happy to say that his website is still up and running, but as we all know he has retired, but his films live on. 

Stop pass and check put his dynamic skill and red bottom boys as well as his own.  

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Spanked Slippered & Belted! Featuring Brandon

Brandon is waiting for his step-dad to come home and is fulling expecting a spanking when he gets in. 

He gets tired of waiting so decides to go to bed. First though he takes a shower
and gets changed into his pyjamas-I mean he’s not going to get spanked me once Ive gone to bed is he-wrong!  

No sooner has Brandon got into bed his step-dad appears. 

Brandon is soon over his lap getting a good hand spanking on his pyjamas. 

It’s not long before he’s getting it bare bottom.  He’s been very bad so it’s the turn of the slipper to instal some discipline. 

To finish Brandon gets 20 with the belt

after which he is ordered back to bed-bad boy! 

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Three Students Punished

Results of the mid-term exam have arrived and it's not good news for the class monitor and two other classmates.

Their Headteacher Yukisuke takes them downstairs for some lecture and punishment...

Taking with Cliff

  As a man who respects the work of all person(s) in the spanking industry, whether they are new to the industry or just coming ...